Kliko Llc.

Address Kuristiku 18, 10127 Tallinn
Phone +372 606 3720; +372 5654202
E-mail kliko@kliko.ee
Website www.kliko.ee
Leaders Mr. Ülo Pärtel - Chief Exectutive Officer

Employees: 5

Export to: Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Finland, Great-Britain, Russian

Languages spoken: German, English, Russian, French, Finnish, Hungarian

Trade marks: Efka, Elize, Fortuna, Global, Grob, GSG, Legett Platt, Kern-Liebers, Kessler, Kuris,  Million Special, Mitsubishi, Newlong, Pegasus, Rosso, Schön Sandt, Steiger, Strobel, Textilia, Union Special, Witte, Wastema, Yao Han.


Sale, repair and maintenance of sewing machinery. Equipments, spare parts and training for sewing, furniture and shoe industry. Accessories. 


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