The Estonian Clothing and Textile Association (ECTA) founded in 1993 is a voluntary non-profit organisation of individuals and legal entities engaged in clothing and textile production. The main goal of ECTA is to promote the development of the clothing and textile industry and represent and protect the common interests of Estonian clothing and textile producers.

The Association is a member of the Estonian Employers' Confederation, of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and of the International Chamber of Commerce.

The members of the Estonian Clothing and Textile Association include all sizes of companies from small to large. The member companies of the ECTA employ ca 4 400 people, the net sales of the member companies is estimated to constitute over 75% of net sales of clothing and textile industry of Estonia. There are 52 members in the ECTA on 2016.


The clothing and textile industry is an important branch for Estonian economy. It employs ca 13% of the total industrial workforce. The share of the sale of clothing and textile products in the entire sale of the industrial production is 7%.

The Estonian textile and clothes industry had a very difficult time in 2005, but industry got a new power in 2006. In 2007 the turnover increased by 5% as compared with previous year in the clothing sector. The turnover of the textile industry increased by 19%.

Total exports of clothing and textiles during 2015 were worth 400 million Euros and made up 5% of Estonian exports. The product groups of major importance were clothing, home textiles and technical textiles. EU markets continued to be of significant importance. The main export destinations of textiles and clothing are Finland, Sweden, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, Latvia, Norway, Lithuania and Denmark.