Tallinn Univesity of Technology (Laboratory of Polymers and Textile Technology)

Address Ehitajate tee 5, 19086 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone +372 620 2907, +372 620 2904
E-mail andres.krumme@ttu.ee, tiia.plamus@ttu.ee
Website www.ttu.ee
Leaders Professor Andres Krumme - Director, Mrs. Tiia Plamus - Lecturer

Languages spoken: English, Russian

Educating of bachelor study, master study and doctoral study programmes:

1. Bachelor study programme „Material Technology“.
2. International master study programme „Wood and Plastic Technology“
specialization to textile technology (in English, textile subjects are in Estonian).
3. Doctoral study programme „Chemistry and Material Technology“
The main field of the research is „Producing nanofibres with special properties by electrospinning“.

Services and co-operation with companies:
In-service trainings and consultations:

„Occupational health and safety training“, information: kersti.merimaa@ttu.ee

„Traditional and innovative materials in textile and clothing industry and textile materials testing“, information: tiia.plamus@ttu.ee

Textile testings, information: tiia.plamus@ttu.ee; telephone : +372 5621 1653

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