Protex Balti Ltd.

Address Akadeemia tee 33, 12618 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone +372 671 0720
Leaders Mr. Jens Christian Huus Hernes - Member of the Board
Certificates ISO 9001:2008

Empoyees:     243

Export to: Norway, Finland, Sweden

Languages spoken: Russian, English, Finnish, Swedish


Jersey and woven wear (sportswear, rainwear, leisure wear, fashion wear, work wear, special designs wear and ect.). Women`s and man`s wear (pants, shirts, coats, uniforms, pullovers, hoody jackets, fleece jackets, soft-shell jackets, underwear, ect.).
Technical textile products (tents, dogs equiptments, textile bags, accessories and ect.). Furniture covers (chairs covers and ect.).

Subcontracting sewing services. Patternmaking, pattern grading, markermaking, Lectra and Gerber cutting, sewing, embroidering, cutting, printing, transferring, subcontracting and ect.

Aditional info: 

Manufacturer of jersey/woven garments, technical textile products and furniture. We provide manufacturing services at all stages until the end product, but also offer individual services, such as patternmaking, grading, sewing etc. The Protex team attempts to do much more than simply manufacture. We always discuss, seek advice and get into details about the order if we believe there may be any problems at all.

We know We Solve It!

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